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R & D technology - Optics

R&D Capability Overview R & D technology - Optics

H.P.B. with long accumulated optical design, coating process, and precision machining and other core technologies to develop spherical and spherical various types of lenses, including glass lenses, plastic lenses and glass-plastic hybrid lens, etc., by the optical design to mold making , precision injection molding, precision grinding, optical coatings, etc., are consistently operated type, all the work in-house. In the optical coating, in order to meet a variety of needs of the environment, the development of anti-abrasion, hydrophilic, high temperature and other versatility optical coatings. The optical coatings could guarantee the quality in the various areas.


H.P.B. provide complete service from optical design to mass-production, and a variety of imaging optics totally solution to customers quickly.