R&D Capability

R & D technology - Electronic

R&D Capability Overview R & D technology - Electronic

01.Optical Mechanics

HPB is capable of integrating Optical and Mechanical Design effectively to fulfill a variety of requirements for Industry Design, Optics, and different applications.  We optimize all designs by exploiting the professional software with long-term optical experiences, such as Lens fixture, optics consistency, interface configuration with sensors, de-interference from reflective light, and efficiency of mechanical assembly.


02. Electronic and Circuit

HPB own great design experiences on Electronic and Circuit optimization.  We focus on Optical Sensor circuit, Power circuit, layout and functional verification with additional development of EMI/EMC filtering, by which we are confident on passing any stringent test criterion from customers requirements.

03. Software/Firmware Integration

HPB is a company who focuses on Image Sensor system, Image Processing system, and Image Communication system, in which our software/firmware engineering team manages real-time operating core, protocols, image algorithms, and corresponding drivers.  The progress is made on several topics, such as image optimization, color reconstruction, QoS and great system integration, all of which meet what the customer requested. 


New Products Development Procedures