R&D Capability

R&D strategic development - Electronic

R&D Capability Overview R&D strategic development - Electronic

Our future perspective and strategy return to core foundations by continuously engaging in advanced optics, electronics, and software/firmware technologies.  To perform better user experiences and to boost bigger market share, we do products with cost-effective processes and great green policies.  Our production is also optimized by advanced automation technologies with better quality of service.

01. High-Dynamic-Range Camera Module

This series features wider Sensor Dynamic Range of CMOS module, with which the camera can display clear details for those areas which are in shadow or under strong light intensity.  This product line is suitable for surveillance and vehicle applications.

02. High cost-effective and tiny-form-factor Camera Module

This product line features small installation area with high quality images, especially for those critical

requirements from vehicle applications.

03.Low-cost High-Definition Camera Module

We continuously put RD resources on developing High-Definition Camera Modules, with which the customer can expect products for both High-Definition and wider Dynamic Range applications, such as those required for details in the worst environment.  

04. Advanced and Intelligent Camera Module

Effectively applying multi-core processors with low power and small package, HPB has been setting available development platforms, embedding image algorithms to perform intelligent controls such as Image Self-calibration, Face/Hand Recognition and Classification, Moving Object Detection, and Environment Cognition, which suit high-end applications.