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R&D strategic development - Optics

R&D Capability Overview R&D strategic development - Optics

Lens is the key component of vehicle image module, and its main function is to avoid the dangerous in driving process that cause by insufficient angle corners directly or indirectly. Thus, lens on the vehicle image module just like the eyes of the car, in addition to be able to adapt to a variety of automotive use of the environment, and must have a good resolution, low-light, wide viewing angle, high temperature and other characteristics.

HPB continue to exceed the processing technology limit of super wide angle lens in order to produce the lens for vehicle. HPB can manufacture the lens that close to hemisphere, which makes the FOV of the lens could extended to 180 degrees or more. In the same time, HPB keep upgrade the measurement instrumentation through purchasing or self-development, to meet the needed of researching on super wide angle lens.

In the automotive industry chain, the warranty period is a very important part. HPB established considerable environmental testing equipments in this regard, including water proof, salt spray, high temperature and humidity, vibration ... etc, and all the materials and processes that used in HPB’s productions, should pass these rigorous environmental tests. In internal management, HPB passed the TS16949 certification. HPB do these efforts above for all productions meet automotive needed and provide the best quality guaranteed.